Contractor Blast Machines: Tough, Versatile, and Efficient

Field portable. Designed for commercial and industrial jobs. Perfect for rental yards. Clemco Contractor Blast Machines are built for their contractor namesakes—tough, versatile, and efficient. Especially useful for blast and paint contractors, as well as hundreds of other professionals. Clemco builds these machines with 4-cuft and-6 cuft pressure vessels, and they can be purchased in complete systems or as the machine only.

Upgraded Features

Clemco equips its Contractor Blast Machines with the same performance-enhancing Standard Features as its Classic Blast Machines, but then adds contractor upgrades. Explore this page to learn more about Clemco’s Contractor Blast Machines and their upgraded features.


  • 4 cuft: Approximately 400 lbs of mineral abrasive.
  • 6 cuft: Approximately 600 lbs of mineral abrasive.

29″ Width

  • Fits through standard doorways.

Integral 4-Wheel Cart

  • Ergonomic design, made from heavy-duty steel tubing that comfortably fits into the average adult hand—easy to move at blast site and onto a pickup truck or trailer.
  • Tubing forms a cage that protects components—remote control valves, piping, CPF breathing air filter.
  • Tubing doubles as a skid—operator can pull blast machine into a truck bed and leave it resting horizontal on the tubing. This placement reduces the truck’s center of gravity.

1.25” Piping

  • 50% more air flow than with 1″ piping.

1.5″ Millennium Pneumatic Remote Control Valve

  • Millennium inlet-outlet remote control valve has only two moving parts:
    • Simple to field service with standard tools.
    • Quickly starts and stops—less time waiting and more time blasting.
  • Pressing handle simultaneously actuates inlet and outlet sections. Some systems activate one valve then the other, which can slow response times.

Functional Front Leg

  • Blast hose and remote controls hookup points mounted on front leg.
  • Space provided for breathing airline—less time fumbling with connections and more time blasting.
  • Weather-tight storage bin—store owner’s manual, paperwork, and small parts.

Large Handhole

  • Reinforced with ring of 3/8” steel.
  • Cut to conform to the blast machine’s wall and welded inside and out—fewer nooks and crannies where abrasive can collect.

Meter All Common Blast Media

  • From coarse steel grit to slag to glass bead.
  • Just empty the blast machine, pour in the new media, and start blasting—regardless of the application.

For Contractors

• This flexibility reduces downtime between jobs that
  require different blast media.

For Rental Yards

• Contractor Series systems makes every blast
  machine ready to roll out the door regardless
  of the application.

Abrasive Flows at 45° into Air Stream

  • The natural way to uniformly mix air and abrasive.
  • Eliminates premature wear found in 90° systems.

Easy to Operate and Maintain

  • Metering plate, which receives most of the wear, can be replaced in the field in minutes with standard tools.
  • Actuator has a built-in, fail-to-safe feature that stops the flow of abrasive if the signal from the remote control handle is interrupted.
  • Metering and valve actuation are separate functions. The metering section usually is all that’s needed for pressure-release applications.

Rugged and Durable

  • All parts normally exposed to abrasive flow are made from durable, wear-resistant material.
  • Hardened-steel metering plate precisely controls flow of abrasive, and its adjustment knob stands up to real-world use.

Millennium Remote Controls:
Pressure Release or Pressure Hold

For Manual Quantum Valve

• Offered as pressure release.

For Auto Quantum Valve

• Offered as pressure hold or as pressure release,
  and each available with an abrasive cutoff system


• Quantum Valves and Millennium Remote Controls
  operate at the same pressures and share common
  air fittings­—nothing to adapt, no bushings to
  reduce, no orifice fittings to mismatch.


All Clemco Contractor Blast Machine pressure vessels meet ASME specifications for 150 psi working pressure, and the machines meet or exceed other recognized industry Safety Standards. Additional Safety Equipment and Accessories are available, individually or as packages.