Abrasive Blasting in a Blast Room Abrasive Blasting Is Hard on Equipment, Employees, and You.
Clemco Equipment Makes It Easier.

Our Products

Clemco Portable Blast Machines

Blast Machines

Rugged and reliable machines for prepping surfaces, removing coatings, and hundreds of other uses. If you need to bring a blast machine to a job—bring a Clemco.

Clemco Personal Protective Equipment including Supplied Air Respirators, CO Monitor, and Breathing Air Filter

Abrasive Blasting Safety/PPE

Supplied-air respirators (SARs), carbon monoxide monitors/alarms, and all of the other personal protective equipment (PPE) needed for safe and compliant blasting.

ZERO® Industrial Abrasive Blast Cabinets

Manual Blast Cabinets

Enclosed blasting in a cabinet protects blast operators and nearby workers from inhalation hazards, and also shields them and the work area from abrasive rebound.

ZERO® Automated Industrial Abrasive Blast System

Automated Blast Systems

For high-output, repetitive jobs that require efficient and consistent results. Also protects blast operators, nearby workers, and the work area from the dangers of blasting.

Clemco Industrial Blast Facilities® Pre-Assembled Blast Room

Blast Rooms

Job too big for a cabinet? You need a Clemco blast room. Blast rooms also cut costs and reduce environmental contamination when equipped with a recovery system.

Clemco Abrasive Blasting Recovery System

Blast Room Recovery Systems

Choose from systems that fit various space, manpower, and application needs—but all recycle abrasive, which reduces media use and environmental contamination.

Featured Video: Zero Pulsar-3D for Additive Manufactured Parts

Pulsar-3D Suction Blast Cabinet - vimeo Video

Engineered Solutions

Clemco custom engineers blast cabinets to solve the individual problems of customers. If you need an automated blast cabinet for an exact application—we have the expertise to design and build it.

Automated Abrasive Blasting System with Indexing Turntable used for Automotive Parts.

Automotive Parts Cleaning

Machine cleans various remanufactured automative parts using glass bead and an indexing turntable.

Automated Abrasive Blasting System with Indexing Turntable used for Hand Gun Frames

Hand Gun Frames Surface Prep

Surface preps M-16 receivers and aluminum hand gun frames in a two-station cabinet with rubber curtains.

High Production Bicarb Blast Cabinet with Clear View Technology used for Stripping Aerospace Components.

Aerospace Cleaning

Machine cleans aircraft parts and landing gear using sodium bicarbonate in a multi-shift production facility.