Clemco and Blast Machines: A History Together

More Than 75 Years of Abrasive Blasting

Since the 1940s, Clemco has been designing and manufacturing abrasive air-powered blast machines for numerous industries in the United States and around the globe. A lot has changed after more than 75 years in business, and Clemco has changed with the times. Over the decades, Clemco has expanded its core business into five product lines:

Classic Blast Machines

The first blast machine Clemco manufactured had a 1.5-cuft pressure vessel, and from this machine sprouted Clemco’s Classic Machine line. Clemco has been the industry leader in innovation and reliability ever since.


Classic Machines are equipped with numerous Standard Features, a few of which are:

  • Industrial-quality valves, piping, and fittings that maximize airflow and minimize energy use.
  • Abrasive metering valves that maintains smooth, consistent, adjustable media flow.
  • Fast, safe TLR remote controls with solid brass valves for years of dependability.
  • Learn about more Classic Machine Standard Features.

Size Range

  • 0.5-cuft to 20-cuft pressure vessels

Popular Uses

  • Remove contamination, corrosion, mill scale, and coatings from most surfaces.
  • Produce uniform surface textures.
  • Create surface profiles to increase bonding for coatings.
  • Many more uses.

Popular Industries

  • Construction and manufacturing
  • Shipping and transportation
  • Storage tank maintenance
  • Road and bridge maintenance
  • Water tower maintenance
  • Petroleum and oil pipeline maintenance
  • Contractors and industrial shops
  • Many more industries


See Clemco’s safety Approvals and Certifications.

Classic Portable Blast Machines

6-cuft, 3-cuft, 1-cuft, and 0.5-cuft Portable Classic Machines

Contractor Blast Machines

Clemco Contractor Machines are upgraded versions of the Classic Machine line, but they have been designed with contractors in mind, built with more rugged features and the versatility to handle more types of jobs.

Popular Uses

  • All contractor jobs
  • Perfect for rental yards
  • Especially useful for painting contractors

Two Model Sizes

Available with 4-cuft and 6-cuft pressure vessels.


See Clemco’s safety Approvals and Certifications.

Upgraded Features

Clemco equips all Contractor Machines with upgraded features, a few of which are:

Integral Cart

Ergonomically designed. Made from heavy-duty steel tubing. Tubing forms a cage that protect components and functions as a skid. Safe and easy to slide into a truck bed.

Functional Front Leg

Has blast hose and remote controls hookup points, space for a breathing airline, and a weather-tight storage bin.

29″ Width

Fits through standard doorways.

Quantum Metering Valve

Meters all common blast media at 45°angle, from coarse steel grit to slag to glass bead. Metering plate built from hardened steel. Quantum Metering and Millennium Remote Control Valves designed for compatibility; operate at the same pressures and share common air fittings.

Millennium Pneumatic Remote Control Valve

Inlet-outlet valve has two moving parts, so simple to field service. Pressing handle simultaneously actuates inlet and outlet portions; quick response times.

Many More Upgraded Features

See more Contractor Series Upgraded Features.

Contractor Blast Machine Family

6-cuft (front and rear) and 4-cuft Contractor Machines

Wetblast Systems

Clemco Wetblast Systems suppress dust during blasting by mixing abrasive with a small amount of water.


  • Increases operator visibility.
  • Eases containment of dust.
  • Reduces the “zone of influence” where hazardous dust may circulate.

Four Options

Wetblast FLEX™—Complete, Portable Wetblast System

All-in-one system that includes:

  • 6-cuft machine
  • Wetblast Injector Pump Module
  • 120-gallon storage tank
  • All mounted on a portable, steel-framed skid
  • Many other features

In addition to wetblasting, Wetblast FLEX™can rinse, air dry, and quickly be set up for dry blasting. Everything you need to start blasting now! Learn more.

Wetblast Injector—Converts Dry Machine to a Wetblast Machine

Conversion kit that adds wetblast capability to most dry machines. Also allows for rinsing and air drying, and can quickly be set up for dry blasting. Learn more.

Wetblast Attachment—For Jobs with Less Dust Output

Mounts to the barrel of a blast nozzle to quickly give a dry machine wetblast capability. Learn more.

Power Gun H2O—Portable Suction-Blast Tool

Lightweight and compact, wet or dry blast, easy to operate. The Power Gun H2O is the ideal wetblast option when a traditional wetblast machine would be too large, inconvenient to set up, or outside a job’s budget.  Learn more.

Wetblast FLEX™

Wetblast Injector

Wetblast Attachment

Power Gun H2O

Bulk Blast Machines—Big Clems

Clemco Bulk Machines are supersized versions of our Classic Machines. We call them Big Clems and design them with Big Clem upgrades.

Upgraded Features


  • Extensive inventory of manual, automatic, and remote controls allow flexible configurations to match large-scale production needs.
  • Two operator stations (optional three or four stations on 120-cuft and 160-cuft models)
  • 1.25″ piping (optional 1.5″ piping).

Automatic, Built-In Pop-Up Filling Valve

  • Quickly loads abrasive—boosts production rates and reduces downtime.
  • Safest pop-up filling valve on market.

Auto Quantum Abrasive Metering Valve (AQV)

  • 45°abrasive feed—assures constant, uniform abrasive flow.
  • Pressure-hold remote controls—enable operators to independently start and stop blasting.
  • Abrasive cutoff system (ACS)—allows work surface blow-off and clearing of blast hose.

Handles All Media

  • Expendable mineral, slag abrasives, steel grit, and more.

Integral 1,600-cfm Moisture Separator and Air Manifold

  • Eliminates restrictions that cause airflow loss.
  • Provides equal amounts of moisture-free air to each operator.

Many More Big Clem Upgrades

Three Model Sizes

  • 60 cuft
  • 120 cuft
  • 160 cuft

Three Models Styles

  • Stationary
  • Yard towable
  • Highway towable


See Clemco’s safety Approvals and Certifications.

60-cuft Big Clem—Yard Towable

120-cuft Big Clem—Stationary

160-cuft Big Clem—Highway Towable

Aerolyte Nonagressive-Media Blast Machines

Clemco’s Aerolyte Systems pioneered the technology to use plastic media for dry stripping military aircraft in the early 1980s. In addition to military applications, Aerolyte Systems leveraged this technology to develop equipment that uses other lightweight, nonagressive media (sodium bicarbonate, stone powder, corn cob, and others) for civilian use, such as its Pool Pal and Soft King machines.


The Pool Pal and Soft King machines clean, remove coatings from, and finish delicate surfaces without altering or etching them. The nonagressive media they use are environmentally-friendly, which means less cleanup cost.


See Clemco’s safety Approvals and Certifications.

Pool Pal

The 1-cuft Pool Pal was designed with pool-maintence contractors in mind. It removes calcium, mineral deposits, oily residue, mold, algae, and scale from pool tile and most pool-area surfaces. It also is suitable for other blast jobs where fine-mesh or lightweight media is used.


  • One-operator portable with sleek shape that makes it easy to maneuverer and fill with media.
  • 1/8″ orifice blast nozzle uses 17 cfm of compressed air at 80 psi.
  • Equipped with lightweight fine-mesh media metering valve.
  • Includes air filter/moisture separator.
  • OSHA-required remote controls allow operator to start and stop blasting at the nozzle. If operator drops or loses control of nozzle, blasting automatically stops.
  • Optional Wetblast Attachment suppresses blast dust and improves visibility.

Soft King

The 1.5-cuft Soft King can use sodium bicarbonate, stone powder, or corn cob to:

  • Strip paint from cars and trucks.
  • Clean grease and dirt from industrial valves.
  • Remove grime from stainless-steel tanks and food-processing equipment.

The Soft King can be equipped with an optional Wetblast Injector System so that it also can wetblast, which suppresses dust during blasting and improves visibility.

Soft King with Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Bicarbonate will not scratch or etch steel, glass, ceramics, concrete, and most hard plastics. Bicarb media is nontoxic and water-soluble, so it is safe to use for many applications, including food-processing plant maintenance. Using baking soda without additives does not require kosher supervision, and the soda residue can be conveniently rinsed into existing drains.

Soft King

Pool Pal

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