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Clemco manufactures blast cabinets under its ZERO and Aerolyte Systems brands.

ZERO® Blast Cabinets

ZERO specializes in hand cabinets, including semi-automated and fully-automated engineered cabinets, used to clean, shot peen, deburr, deflash, etch, and finish. It manufactures two lines of blast cabinets: BNP and Pulsar®. ZERO also manufactures Tumble Cabinets, its economy ShopMate™ blast cabinet, Cabinet Accessories, and BNP Wetblast Cabinets.

Aerolyte Systems Nonaggressive-Media Blast Cabinets

Aerolyte Systems pioneered the technology to use plastic media for dry stripping military aircraft in the early 1980s. Since then, Aerolyte Systems has leveraged this technology to build blast cabinets that use other nonagressive media, such as sodium bicarbonate, stone powder, corn cob, and other media.


All-in-one, integral-component systems that include a reclaimer, dust collector, and blast system. Pulsar cabinets are easy to install and ideal for when a smaller footprint is needed. Ergonomic sit-down models also are available. (Note: The Pulsar IX has an independent power module.)

Pulsar 55se Suction Blast Cabinet

 Pulsar III Suction Blast Cabinet

Pulsar III Pressure Blast Cabinet

Pulsar VI Suction and Pressure Blast Cabinets

Pulsar IX Suction and Pressure Blast Cabinets

Pulsar-3D Suction Blast Cabinet


The ShopMate economy blast cabinet is designed for light use in auto shops, art studios, maintenance departments, machine shops, and other industrial applications.

ShopMate Suction Blast Cabinet

BNP Wetblast

Wetblast cabinets reduce operator exposure to dust, produce a smooth surface and bright shine, and do not create static electricity common in dry blast operations. 14-gauge stainless-steel cabinets and gratings inhibit rust.

BNP 250 Wetblast Cabinet

BNP 260 Wetblast Cabinet

Tumble Cabinets

For high-production blasting on heavy parts and large batches up to 800 lbs. The standard tumble belt cabinet includes up to six ZERO automatic blast guns that can be positioned to suit the part load. An optional pressure blast system can dramatically reduce cleaning times or increase peening intensities.

BNP 160 Tumble Basket Blast Cabinet

DCM 161 Mini-Tumble Blast Cabinet

Tumble Barrel Cabinets 162, 164, 166

Tumble Basket Add-On

Tumble Belt Cabinets

4-Gallon Tumble-Basket Blast Cabinet

Soda Blasting Cabinet

Plastic-Media Blast Cabinets

In addition to plastic, these cabinets can use most other nonaggressive media.

3636A Pressure Cabinet

3672A Pressure Cabinet

4050A Pressure Cabinet 

6060A Pressure Cabinet 

Sodium Bicarbonate Cabinet

The Bicarbonator Soda Blast Cabinet is specifically designed to maximize the properties of sodium-bicarbonate media.

Bicarbonator Soda Blast Cabinet

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