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Engineered Solutions

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Worldwide Operations

CLEMCO manufactures a comprehensive line of air-blast equipment and accessories for cleaning, surface preparation, and finishing. The company markets these products through a network of subsidiaries, licensees, and independent distributors. Clemco's North American operations are headquartered in Washington, Missouri to serve the North and South American continents.
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Clemco's European headquarters is located near Munich, Germany. This office coordinates manufacturing and distribution activities for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Other regional offices are located in Spain, Denmark (Munkebo Clemco), the Baltic States, and a subsidiary office in Singapore serves the Asia-Pacific region
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Application News

Using Low-Pressure Respirator Requires Special Precautions
More and more blasting contractors are making the switch to low-pressure respirators. A high-pressure respirator requires an air source of 6 to 15 cfm at 65 to 100 psi. Some contractors connect their high-pressure respirator to the same compressor that supplies the blast air. A low-pressure respirator requires just 8 to 15 psi, but still maintain 6 to 15 cfm of air flow. Low-pressure respirators receive air from an ambient air pump, which draws in fresh air from wherever it is located and sends it to the respirator. As such, the pump should be located upwind from the blast operation, and well ... Read more >


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Career Opportunities


    • Clemco
    • Portable pressure blast equipment, blast nozzles, couplings, hose, blast respirators, operator safety and comfort systems, and specialty blast tools.
    • ZERO
    • Hand cabinets and engineered semi-automated and fully-automated blast cabinets.
    • Aerolyte Systems
    • Small portable blast machines, manual and automated cabinets, preassembled and custom engineered full-aircraft blast facilities –all used with non-aggressive media.

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