Practical Addition to Conventional Dry Blast Machines

Eliminates About 80% of Dust Without Lowering Blast Efficiency

The Clemco Wetblast Attachment easily mounts to the barrel of a blast nozzle to quickly give a dry blast machine wetblast capability. It is uniquely suited for jobs in metropolitan areas or in awkward or confined spaces where a larger machine may be impractical, or for jobs with lower dust output that would not require the Wetblast FLEX™ or Wetblast Injector.

A rust inhibitor is recommended when using the attachment to wetblast steel surfaces. The inhibitor may be sprayed on the blast surface immediately after blasting or can be mixed in a water tank equipped with a pump and sprayed through the Wetblast Attachment head during blasting.

Design Advantages

The Wetblast Attachment head is equipped with locking screws for mounting to the barrel of a nozzle. Six 3/32″ water jets then surround the nozzle and direct water to spray at a point 3 inches in front of the nozzle. As the water hits the air-abrasive stream, it atomizes to envelop the abrasive particles. This process creates a creates a uniform water spray, a larger blast pattern, and prevents stoppages that occur with systems that mix or carry an abrasive-water slurry through the blast hose.

The water volume is metered by a full-flow petcock located at the blast head. Pressure ranges of 30 lbs to 60 lbs (city water pressure) are acceptable. Hose fittings attach to a standard water hose or faucet, and a 50 ft x ¼” ID water hose is available for use with the Wetblast Attachment head.

Two Other Wetblast Options

Wetblast Flex™

Wetblast Injector

All-in-One, Portable Wetblast System

The Wetblast FLEX is a portable, rugged, all-in-one wetblast system engineered to provide high-performance wetblasting with maximum dust suppression, convenient operation, application versatility, and performance superior to traditional slurry systems and competitor wetblast machines. It is ideal for heavy-duty wetblast jobs. It also can rinse, air dry, and quickly be set up for dry blasting. It includes a:

  • 6 cuft blast machine
  • Wetblast Injector pump module
  • 120-gallon storage tank
  • Complete unit mounted on a portable, steel-framed skid
  • Many other features

The Wetblast FLEX has everything you need to start blasting now!

Converts Dry Blast Machine to a Wetblast Machine

Conversion kit that adds wetblast capability to most dry blast machines. Mixes water and abrasive at the nozzle for maximum operator control, simple to operate and install, and provides performance superior to traditional slurry systems. The Wetblast Injector also can rinse, air dry, and quickly switch back to dry blasting. It has everything you need to quickly add wetblast capability to a dry blast machine.

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