Power Gun H2O: Overview of Features

Learn about the features and benefits of Clemco's Power Gun H2O portable suction wet blast tool. Lightweight and compact, wet or dry blast, easy to operate. The Power Gun H2O is the ideal wetblast option when a traditional wetblast machine would be too large, inconvenient to set up, or outside a job’s budget. Clemco is the world's largest manufacturer of air-powered abrasive blasting equipment, including abrasive blast machines, blast cabinets, blast rooms, safety equipment and blasting accessories.

Clemco’s Power Gun H2O Portable Suction Blaster—the new way to wet blast when a full-scale wet-blast system is more than you need.

Wet Blasting with the Power Gun H2O
  • Whether you are a contractor, do-it-yourselfer, or full-time blast operator, you’ll appreciate the Power Gun H2O’s lightweight and compact design that makes it ideal for wet blasting in small or confined spaces, elevated work areas, difficult to reach places, jobs with a limited air supply, or jobs that require quick setup and breakdown.
  • This portable suction-blast tool easily switches between wet and dry blast modes, as well as washdown and air blow-off, and is nearly as powerful as a small pressure-blast system.
  • It sets up in minutes and draws pressurized water from a water faucet or a municipal water supply.
  • Attach your air and water supplies, partially insert the suction lance into the abrasive supply, and you’re ready to wet blast.
  • The Power Gun H2O suppresses dust by mixing abrasive with a small amount of water before the mixture exits the nozzle.
  • This dust suppression reduces cleanup time, increases visibility, and decreases the “zone of influence” where hazardous dust may circulate.
  • Use the Power Gun H2O with most common abrasives to clean or etch metal, clean masonry, etch glass or other durable surfaces, touch up work, or on other common jobs.
  • The water and abrasive controls are at the operator’s fingertips, and the knob at the back of the gun adjusts blast pressure.
  • If you need to wet blast, but don’t need the expense or inconvenience of a full-scale wet-blast system—the Power Gun H2O is for you.