Maximum Dust Suppression for Abrasive Blasting

The Wetblast FLEX: One Machine, Blast Wet or Dry

We Help Contractors Minimize Job-site Blast Dust

All-in-one wetblasting system includes 6 cubic- foot-capacity blast machine, 120-gallon water storage tank, and pump module mounted on a portable framed platform. The FLEXTM is a portable blast system engineered to provide high-performance blasting with maximum dust suppression. The Wetblast FLEX is packed with features:

  • Set-up—a single air connection controls all pneumatic functions.
  • Water and abrasive mix outside the blast machine.
  • Rugged, portable skid-mounted system with fork pockets and lifting eyes.
  • Water-to-abrasvie ratio control either at the machine or at the nozzle.
  • Control media on and off with abrasive cut-off system.
  • Connect to water—from the tank or municipal supply.
  • Choice of controls at the nozzle or at the blast machine.
  • Dry blast at your opinion when application calls for it.
Wetblast FLEX nozzle diagram

Familiar Technology

Contractors have relied upon Clemco blast machines for getting jobs done quickly and easily for many decades. The FLEX incorporates proven technology, combined in a new way, providing the same quality and productivity-enhancing features for day-in day-out service.


Fill the blast machine with dry abrasive, fill the water tank, add rust inhibitor if desired, or simply connect to a municipal water supply. Connect compressed air, adjust the metering valve, blast pressure, and water pressure.  A single air connection supports all pneumatic equipment. It’s that easy.

Choosing a System

Base Unit or Package, Normal Blast Pressure or Low Blast Pressure. Normal pressures (NP) range from 50 to 120 psi; lower pressures (LP) range from 5 to 120 psi.

Purchase a Base Unit when you already own coupled blast hoses, nozzles, and operator safety equipment. Choose your base unit to suit the threading of the nozzle you intend to use.

Purchase a FLEX Package for a complete blast system. The packages include a Base Unit plus 50 feet of coupled SupaTM blast hose, a 7/16-inch orifice long-venturi nozzle, and operator safety equipment — Apollo 600 HP DLX with Clem-Cool air conditioner and CPF-20 breathing-air filter.

Wetblast FLEX: All-in-One wet blasting system

Wetblast FLEX: Base Units

CASE STUDY: FLEX Nearly Triples Productivity for Paint Stripping Fire Hydrants
Alabama contractor who specializes in repainting and repairing fire hydrants now can wet blast 10 to 15 hydrants a day. The dust suppression is perfect for when he wet blasts in residential areas.

FLEX NP units are for blasting at pressures from 50 to 120 psi. FLEX LP units are for blasting at lower pressures from 5 to 120 psi. All base units come with two injector assemblies (either 1.25″ fine thread or 50mm Contractor thread), one that can be located at the metering valve and another that can be located at the nozzle. Customers choose which one to install depending upon where they wish to locate the operator controls for water and abrasive.

CASE STUDY: FLEX Nearly Triples Productivity for Paint Stripping Fire Hydrants


  • Blast Machine: Model 2448, 6 CF capacity, with 1.25” piping, built to ASME-code, National Board approved, rated 150 psi maximum working-pressure.
  • Remote Controls: Pneumatic-type: Millennium Inlet Valve, TLR Outlet Valve, RLX Control Handle, Abrasive Cut-off, 52 ft twin-line hose, 52 ft ACS hose.
  • Metering Valve: AQV AutoQuantum.
  • Wetblast Injector Pump Module: See specification of Wetblast Injector Pump Assembly.
  • Pipe Injector Assembly: 1.25 fine thread x 1” entry or Contractor thread 50 mm x 1.25” entry, and 52 feet water hose.
  • Water Storage Tank: 120-gallon capacity.
  • Base Unit Accessories: 24” diam. Screen, 24” diam. Cover, 1.50” Pressure Regulator, 1.50” Air Filter, Safety Cable.
  • Nozzle Injector Assembly: 1.25” fine thread x 1” entry or Contractor thread 50 mm x 1.25” entry.
  • Nozzle: Not included with Base Units; order separately or order a FLEX package.

• Wetblast FLEX: Packages

Packages include FLEX Base Unit plus 50ft x 1.25” ID SupaTM Hose fitted with nylon holder and nylon coupling, 7/16”-orifice silicon-carbide-lined rubber-jacketed nozzle, Apollo 600 HP DLX NIOSH-approved supplied-air respirator, ClemCool air conditioner, CPF-20 breathing-air filter, Apollo 600 HP DLX with Clem-Cool air conditioner, 50 ft respirator hose, APL-600 outer lenses (pk of 25), APL-600 intermediate lenses (pk of 5), 1 pair leather gloves, abrasive-trap screens (6), coupling gaskets (pk of 10), nozzle washers (pk of 10), nylon ties (8).

Wetblast FLEX Packages

• The Wetblast Injector

The Wetblast Injector

Economical kit that adds wet-blasting capability to most conventional dry-blast machines.

  • Mixes water and abrasive at the nozzle for maximum operator control.
  • Dramatically reduces job-site dust.
  • Eliminates need for costly containment.
  • Allows surface rinsing and drying.
  • For blast machines, 2 CF and larger.

For One or Two Operators

The Wetblast Injector Kit comes in single- and dual-operator models. The single-operator kit comes with pump assembly, a 50-ft water hose, and nozzle adaptor assembly. The dual-operator kit includes one additional 50-ft length of water hose and nozzle adaptor assembly. These systems can be used with any 2 CF or larger blast machine. The pump and our exclusive injector work together to combine air, abrasive, and water outside of the blast machine for a powerful, dust-controlled blast stream.

Simple to Operate

The Clemco Wetblast Injector Pump Assembly is easy to set up. With your existing blast machine, install the injector assembly at the nozzle, fill the blast machine with dry abrasive and connect air and water. Abrasive flow volume is adjusted at the metering valve and water injection is controlled at the nozzle for blasting, and when an optional abrasive cut-off system is installed, for rinsing, and drying the surface.

Wetblast Injector Assembly

Includes: Nozzle injector assembly, water hose, air-operated, positive-displacement, self-priming, 10:1 pump, which consumes 28 cfm at 100 psi. Water consumption is needle-valve controlled — 0.25 gpm at 60 psi during blasting. Water consumption may be slightly higher or lower based on variables such as nozzle size, blast pressure, condition of surface, material being removed by blasting, and friability of the abrasive. During blasting, water flow can be adjusted to use just enough to control the dust; for wash-down, water flow can be adjusted to a maximum flow of 2.8 gpm. Fittings: ½” air inlet, ¾” water inlet, ½” teed to two ¼” main water outlet connections; ¼” individual water outlet. Water hose: 3/8” ID x 50 ft, rated 1000 psi.

 Other Options

Wetblast Attachment: The Water Ring

Wetblast Attachment:
The Water Ring

Power Gun H2O: Portable Suction Wetblast Tool

Power Gun H2O: Portable Suction Wetblast Tool



All components of the Wetblast Injector Systems are required for proper operation. The injector assembly cannot be used independently.

Breathing dust from abrasive blasting, even when using the Wetblast Injector Systems, can be hazardous. Always complete a job-site hazard analysis and ensure operators wear proper NIOSH-approved respiratory protection as required. Follow all of the instructions in the operation manual and consult OSHA regulations.