Spin-Kote 4896

Spin-Kote: Internal Pipe Coating Systems

Clemco Spin-Kote pipe coating tools are designed to apply coatings to the internal surface of pipe from 2″ to 96″ inside diameter.

The tools utilize most airless pump systems. The spray heads are pneumatically driven and can apply coatings of varying viscosity and composition. All Spin-Kote tools include manually adjustable carriages which center the spray heads in the pipe.

Attaching a lance eases movement through the pipe to prevent paint defects and holidays.


  • Manually-adjustable, easy-to-use tools
  • Suit a variety of coatings
  • Increase production
  • Simple design equals reliable performance
  • No need to rotate the pipe
  • 95% transfer efficiency


Paint is applied in a 360° pattern by the centrifugal force of the spinning spray head. The coating material is fed to the spray head through a fluid manifold for maximum, even, distribution. The volume of coating material is adjusted by changing the pressure on the paint pump or by changing the media orifice used in the back-pressure assembly. Coating thickness is controlled by the speed at which the Spin-Kote is moved through the pipe.


The Spin-Kote can be used with any coating that can be applied with an airless spray system. Typically, pipes are coated internally for potable water applications, corrosion protection, reducing pipe mainte- nance, and making pipe inspection easier. Coating pipes internally provides a defect- free surface, which greatly increases the flow of material through the pipe.

Systems include paint spray tool with manual carriage, back-pressure assembly and .031” orifice. Requires an airless spray pump with a minimum pressure ratio of 30 to1. Consult coating specifications for pump requirements. Systems come in five models:

Five Models

Spin-Kote 25

For pipe ID 2” to 5”

Spin-Kote 512

For pipe ID 5” to 12”

Spin-Kote 817

For pipe ID 8” to 17”

Spin-Kote 1236

For pipe ID 12” to 36”

Spin-Kote 4896

For pipe ID 48” to 96”

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