Closed-Circuit Blast Systems

Closed-circuit blasting improves the strength and appearance of any weld by removing corrosion and impurities from surfaces before welding and cleaning spatter after welding.

These tools use compressed air and recyclable abrasive to quickly clean and etch metal, masonry, glass, and other durable surfaces.

Because these specialized systems automatically recover and recycle the abrasive, they do not expose the operator, or others in the area, to significant levels of dust and abrasive and do not contaminate surrounding areas.

You select the abrasive size, abrasive flow rate, and blast pressure to create intricate works of art or just make fast work of a rusted fender.

Do not use silica sand or any abrasive that contains more than one percent free silica for abrasive blasting.

By automatically recycling the abrasive, a closed-circuit blast system lets you blast for extended periods without stopping to refill.

These continuous automatic recycling systems reduce the amount of abrasive to buy, eliminate sweep- ing and shoveling, and minimize abrasive disposal costs.

Closed-circuit blasting does not interfere with painting or other work in progress. It contains the abrasive and dust to keep them from contaminating other areas of the work site.

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