Cool Air Tube

The Clemco Cool Air Tube (CAT) allows the blast operator to control the temperature and volume of air to a Clemco high-pressure Type CE continuous flow supplied-air respirator within a preset range and to cool the air by as much as 50° F.

Requirements for Operation

20 cfm at 90 to 100 psi of Grade D quality breathing air as defined by the Compressed Gas Association Commodity Specification: G-7.1 (

Pressure requirements vary with hose length.
25 ft – 75 ft 90 psi
100 ft – 125 ft 95 psi
150 – 200 ft 100 psi

Note: Do not exceed 200 ft of respirator hose with this device.

Description of Operation

The Cool Air Tube is placed between the respirator air supply line and the helmet breathing tube. A knurled knob on
the valve lets the operator adjust the cooling rate of the air entering the respirator.

The Cool Air Tube cannot be closed completely, so the operator always has at least the minimum required volume of air for breathing and to maintain positive pressure inside the helmet.

The CAT comes with a belt that adjusts to fit up to a 54-inch waist. The durable buckle can be fastened and unfastened with gloved hands.

A heat shield protects the operator from warm exhaust air (a byproduct of the production of cool air).


  • Increases productivity by keeping blast operator cool and comfortable in hot weather
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight comfort system maintains NIOSH approval

Certifications and Approvals

The Cool Air Tube is approved by NIOSH for use only with Clemco Apollo HP high-pressure Type CE supplied-air
respirators (not for use with low-pressure respirators).

The Cool Air Tube is one component of a NIOSH-approved system; use of counterfeit parts voids the NIOSH approval.

To maintain NIOSH approval, use only genuine Clemco Apollo replacement parts.

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