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Custom-Engineered Indexing-Turntable Blasting Systems

Clemco Custom-Engineered Indexing-Turntable Blasting Systems

Clemco Custom-Engineered Indexing-Turntable Blasting Systems put precise, repeatable, automated blast cleaning, surface finishing, deburring, and peening within reach of small to midsize manufacturers and machining centers.

Each system features an indexing turntable, rotating satellites and automatic blow-off, as well as fingertip controls for setting cycle time and parts rotation. 

These features and others are accessed through a recipe-management system powered by intuitive PLC (programmable logic controller) driven controls mounted on a swing-away HMI (human-machine interface).


• Easy to Use
• Consistent, Repeatable Results
• Safer for Parts and People
• Low Total Cost of Ownership
• PLC and HMI Controls

 Industries Served

Industries Served

Easy to Use

Six low-profile, rotating satellites and generous 12” x 16” door openings accommodate a wide array of parts. Each satellite supports up to 25 lbs, including the part being blasted and the fixture to hold it in place.

Adjustable mounts allow the automatic blast guns to be set at the appropriate angles and distances for the part being blasted.  

Unlike special purpose machines designed to clean just one or two types of parts, Clemco Custom-Engineered Indexing-Turntable Blasting Systems can switch quickly from one part to another.

Changing fixtures and repositioning blast guns takes just a few minutes. In addition, some changeovers can be accomplished by changing recipes with the HMI, such as using the HMI to activate as many or as few blast guns as needed for an application. The capability to quickly adjust these systems to blast different parts allows manufacturers to spread the cost of a system across several products.

Clemco Custom-Engineered Indexing-Turntable Blasting Systems come standard configured for either two-station or single-station indexing. Two-station indexing puts two parts in each of the blast, blow-off, and load positions. Single-station indexing allows multi-step blasting, such as inside-and-out or top-and-bottom.

Consistent, Repeatable Results

For cleaning, deflashing, etching, finishing and shot peening, Clemco Custom-Engineered Indexing-Turntable Blasting Systems eliminate expensive, time-consuming rework while delivering the same amount of blasting to the first part, the last part, and every part in between. For shot peening applications, these blasting systems provide consistent, documentable peening intensity, making them perfect for peening aircraft turbine blades and other precision parts.

Clemco Custom-Engineered Indexing-Turntable Blasting Systems

Safer for Parts and People

In a Clemco Custom-Engineered Indexing-Turntable Blasting Systems, parts do not touch one another because each part enters the blast chamber mounted on a variable-speed, rotating satellite. This process prevents delicate parts from damaging one another, which could happen in tumble cabinets. 

The blast guns, which are firmly mounted to fixed or optional oscillating arms, maintain constant distances and angles so parts receive the predetermined blast intensity and coverage.

These systems eliminate much of the fatigue and repetitive motion that operators experience during high-production, manual parts processing. Dual palm buttons (or optional light curtains) actuate the index-and-blast cycle only when an operator’s hands are clear of moving parts.

These blasting systems stay sealed during blast and blow-off, reducing noise levels and trapping dust and media inside the blasting chamber. A tray below the blasting-chamber door catches media when the door is opened.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Clemco Custom-Engineered Indexing-Turntable Blasting Systems save labor, time and blast media, and help prevent costly rework. The standard six-gun system can thoroughly blast a part inside and out in a fraction of the time required by a single blast gun or other manual process. The systems are available with 6, 8, or 12 suction guns. In order to meet specific production requirements, systems can be built with more than 12 suction guns or with a higher-production pressure blast system.

PLC and HMI Controls

A rich, uncluttered display supported by a recipe-management system and other cutting-edge technology allows operators to initiate a variety of stored settings (blast pressure, satellite rotation speed, blast time, etc.) with a few touches on the screen. Straightforward access to these presets produce precise, repeatable results; facilitate quick changeover for blasting different parts; and ensure that operators use the correct settings. 

In addition, the control system monitors the blast performance, illustrating onscreen in real time which system components are active and if any need maintenance or are malfunctioning, which all reduces maintenance costs and downtime. For example, Clemco Custom-Engineered Indexing-Turntable Blasting Systems automatically season dust-collector cartridges and alert operators when cartridges need replacement. 

The systems also have plug-and-play hardware and prerouted cables, promoting fast system setup. The technology they incorporate into their controls greatly reduces system wiring and components, contributing to this generation of cabinets having the smallest footprints of any in their history. The systems also are TUV certified for safety and quality.

These features and others ensure that Clemco Custom-Engineered Indexing-Turntable Blasting Systems provide consistent, repeatable results. 

Rockwell Automation Technology
Clemco incorporates Rockwell Automation technology into its Custom-Engineered Indexing-Turntable Blasting Systems and is a Rockwell Automation Silver OEM Partner.

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