Predesigned PDQ™ Blast Rooms:
Standard Equipment and Options

CDF Reverse-Pulse Dust Collector

Reverse-Pulse Dust Collector

All PDQ Blast Rooms meet industry-standard ventilation rates.

  • Rooms 8 ft Heigth: CDF6 6,600 cfm, 20 HP dust collector.
  • Rooms 10 ft Height: CDF8 8,800 cfm, 25 HP dust collector.
  • Rooms 12 ft Height: CDF8 8,800 cfm, 25 HP dust collector.
PDQ Blast Room

PDQ Predesigned Blast Room

Walls, Doors, and Lighting

Wall Panels

  • 10ga galvanized steel
  • Side panel with sweep-in cutout
  • Side panel with mandoor

High-Output Fluorescent Light Fixtures

  • 10 ft Length: 3 fixtures
  • 16 ft 8″ Length: 7 fixtures

Work Door: Two Choices

  • One door
  • Door on both ends
    • Pit-mounted recovery system required.

Option: Room Length Extensions

    • Room lengths can be extended in 3.25 ft increments with extension kits. 30 ft Max
Clemco Abrasive Blasting Recovery System

Mechanical Belt Conveyor System

Pneumatic Sweep-In M-Section®

Two Choices: Partial-Floor Sweep-In Recovery Systems


  • For heavier media, such as steel grit.
  • Equipped with bucket elevator and airwash abrasive cleaner.
  • 2 x 2 Hopper System: shovel-in style rather than sweep-in style.
  • Media Storage Hopper
    • 10 cuft capacity
    • Mounts above blast machine.

Pneumatic M-Section®

  • For lighter-weight media, such as plastic, glass bead, and fine aluminum oxide.
  • System uses a trough of hoppers. Dust collector creates a vacuum that evacuates hoppers in succession.
  • Floor installed across the width of room along the back wall with a 45° shed plate; can be placed into a pit if desired.
  • Powered by a multicartridge CDF dust collector.
  • Media Storage Hopper
    • 6 cuft capacity
    • Mounts above blast machine.
Industrial Blast Machine

6-cuft Industrial Blast Machine

More Options

Blast Machine Package

  • Stationary 6-cuft Industrial Blast Machine
  • Built to ASME code; rated 150 psi
  • 1¼” piping
  • Pneumatic remote controls
  • 1½” moisture separator with automatic drain
  • Coupled Supa™ blast hose
  • 3/8″ orifice with tungsten-carbide-lined, long-venturi-style nozzle

Apollo 600 Respirator

    • NIOSH approved, Type CE, continuous flow. ANSI hard hat (Z89) and face (Z87) protection certified.
    • Heavy-duty construction offers superior protection without sacrificing comfort and mobility.

Equipment and Fixtures

  • Rubber wall curtains for side walls
  • LED light tubes
  • Blast machine
  • Reclaimer rubber liners
  • Dust collector fan silencer
  • Dust collector ducting kit
  • More accessories and fixtures

Control Panels

  • Standard electrical control panels for 230V and 460V service.
  • Operates on/off functions of the recovery system, abrasive cleaner, dust collector, and lighting.

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