PDQ Blast Room

Predesigned PDQ™ Blast Rooms

Predesigned PDQ Blast Rooms are less expensive than custom-engineered blast rooms, arrive quickly, and are constructed with the same durable materials and performance-enhancing components as used in custom-engineered blast rooms.

Standard Features and Components

Following are some of the standard features and components of PDQ Predesigned Blast Rooms:

  • Either a Pneumatic M-Section® or Mechanical partial-floor recovery system.
  • 10ga galvanized-steel wall panels
  • Side panel with sweep-in cutout
  • Side panel with mandoor
  • Work door on one or both ends
  • High-output fluorescent light fixtures with bulbs
    • Each 3.25 ft extension kit includes one light fixture with bulbs
  • Reverse-pulse dust collection systems
  • Media storage hopper that mounts above the blast machine
  • Optional equipment and fixtures available

Enclosure Sizes

Clemco designs the rooms in five standard configurations:

Length Width Height
10’ 10’ 8’
10’ 10’ 10’
10’ 10’ 12’
16’ 8” 12’ 10’
16’ 8” 12’ 12’

Note: Room lengths can be extended in 3.25 ft increments with extension kits.


If you’re unsure whether you can assemble a Predesigned PDQ™ Blast Room, ask Clemco to recommend a contractor who can do the job onsite or consider a Clemco Preassembled Blast Room.

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