Economical Conversion Kit For Most 2-cuft and Larger Blast Machines

Quickly Add Powerful Wetblast Capability to a Dry Blast Machine

The Wetblast Injector conversion kit adds dust-suppressing, wetblast capability to most dry blast machines. It is versatile, rugged, simple to operate and install, and provides performance superior to traditional slurry systems. It mixes water and abrasive at the nozzle for maximum operator control. It also can rinse, air dry, and quickly switch back to dry blasting. The Wetblast Injector has everything you need to quickly add wetblast capability to a dry blast machine.

How It Works

The Wetblast Injector uses compressed air to inject a small amount of water into the high-velocity stream of air and abrasive just before it passes through the nozzle orifice. This process completely wets each abrasive particle, unlike with water ring systems. As a result, the Wetblast Injector controls airborne dust far better than water ring systems. Because the pump and injector nozzle work together to combine air, abrasive, and water outside of the blast machine, cleanup and maintenance is much easier than with traditional slurry systems.

Simple to Install

The Clemco Wetblast Injector Pump Assembly is easy to set up on an existing blast machine. Install the injector assembly at the machine’s nozzle, fill the machine with dry abrasive, and connect it to air and water sources. Because the Wetblast Injector has its own pump and uses relatively small amounts of water, any source of clean water will work—household tap, water tower, or low-lying tank. Furthermore, the Wetblast Injector requires no electric power, so there are no wires and no connections to short or shock. A regulator and pressure gauge, mounted inside the control box, controls water pressure.

Easy to Operate

An operator can adjust the abrasive flow with the metering valve, and the water injection rate is controlled at the nozzle with a fine-thread needle valve. If a machine is equipped an optional abrasive cutoff system (ACS), the operator can rinse a surface with air and water, and then dry the surface with high-pressure air—all controlled at the nozzle with the fine-thread needle valve.

Speciality Applications: Structural Steel and Flash Rust

Although the Wetblast Injector can suppress dust in just about any blasting application, it is especially useful when cleaning structural steel or removing flash rust.

Structural Steel

Quickly cleans structural steel to any degree of cleanliness, from brush-off to white metal. After blasting, the water-and-air rinse removes soluble salts and other corrosives that can cling to the surface.

Flash Rust

The pump can siphon a premixed solution of clean water and rust-inhibitor from a static-holding tank to apply on exposed steel to retard rust development.

Wetblast Injector Assembly

Below are the major components of the Wetblast Injector assembly.

Nozzle Injector Assembly

Water Hose

  • 3/8” ID x 50 ft
  • Rated 1000 psi


  • ½” air inlet
  • ¾” water inlet
  • ½” feed to two 1⁄4” main water outlet connections
  • ¼” individual water outlet

10:1 Pump

  • Air-operated, positive-displacement, self-priming pump
  • Consumes 28 CFM at 100 psi
  • Water consumption is needle-valve controlled:
    • Blasting—Typically 0.25 GPM at 60 psi.
    • Wash down—Typically maximum flow of 2.8 GPM.
    • Note: Water consumption varies depending up nozzle size, blast pressure, condition of surface, material being removed by blasting, and friability of the abrasive.

Create Your Wetblast Injector

Choose a system for one or two operators, and select a thread size.

One or Two Operators

Contractor or Fine Thread

Single-Operator Kit


  • Pump assembly
  • 50-foot water hose
  • Nozzle adaptor assembly

Dual-Operator Kit


  • Pump assembly
  • Two 50-foot water hoses
  • Two nozzle adaptor assemblies
  • Each nozzle has independent controls

Contractor Thread

  • Contractor thread x 1” entry nozzle
  • Contractor thread x 1¼” entry nozzle

1¼” Fine Thread

  • 1¼” fine thread x 1” entry nozzle

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