Nonagressive-Media Blast Rooms, Cabinets, and Machines

Clemco’s Aerolyte Systems pioneered the technology to use plastic media for dry stripping military aircraft in the early 1980s. In addition to building facilities for the military and developing commercial blast rooms, Aerolyte Systems leveraged its technology to creates equipment that uses other lightweight, nonagressive media (sodium bicarbonate, stone powder, corn cob, and others) for civilian use, such as its full line of blast cabinets and the Pool Pal and Soft King blast machines.


  • Nonaggressive media cleans, removes coatings from, and finishes delicate surfaces without altering or etching them.
  • They are environmentally-friendly, which means less cleanup cost.

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Dry Strip Blast Rooms

Large Aerolyte facilities function similar to large blast room facilities with equipment configured for use with all nonaggressive lightweight blast media. Continuous ventilation, material handling equipment from rails to overhead lifts; large entry doors, and sealed lighting make Aerolyte Systems installations economically viable and environmentally safe.

Blast Cabinets

Aerolyte Systems pressure blast cabinets are engineered to maximize the properties of plastic, sodium bicarbonate, and other lightweight media. The cabinets feature steeply sloped blast machine cones to ensure smooth media flow. Six models are available, including an ergonomic model.

Pool Pal: 1-cuft Blast Machine

The 1-cuft Pool Pal was designed with pool-maintence contractors in mind. It removes calcium, mineral deposits, oily residue, mold, algae, and scale from pool tile and most pool-area surfaces. It also is suitable for other blast jobs where fine-mesh or lightweight media is used.


  • One-operator portable with sleek shape that makes it easy to maneuverer and fill with media.
  • 1/8″ orifice blast nozzle uses 17 cfm of compressed air at 80 psi.
  • Equipped with lightweight fine-mesh media metering valve.
  • Includes air filter/moisture separator.
  • OSHA-required remote controls allow operator to start and stop blasting at the nozzle. If operator drops or loses control of nozzle, blasting automatically stops.
  • Optional Wetblast Attachment suppresses blast dust and improves visibility.

Soft King

The 1.5-cuft Soft King can use sodium bicarbonate, stone powder, or corn cob to:

  • Strip paint from cars and trucks.
  • Clean grease and dirt from industrial valves.
  • Remove grime from stainless-steel tanks and food-processing equipment.

The Soft King can be equipped with an optional Wetblast Injector System so that it also can wetblast, which suppresses dust during blasting and improves visibility.

Soft King with Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Bicarbonate will not scratch or etch steel, glass, ceramics, concrete, and most hard plastics. Bicarb media is nontoxic and water-soluble, so it is safe to use for many applications, including food-processing plant maintenance. Using baking soda without additives does not require kosher supervision, and the soda residue can be conveniently rinsed into existing drains.