Stop Fighting to Stay Productive

You and your crew take pride in your work. You work tirelessly to get blasting jobs done right,
on time and on budget. To be effective day in and day out, you need
portable blast machines that are easy to train on and use, and that keep your crew blasting.

The problem is, the machines you work with no longer cut it. They break down at the worst times
and kill your productivity. You’re losing time and money, and your reputation is taking a hit,
leaving your frustrated and stressed. WE GET IT.

You should have dependable and easy-to-use blast machines that throw
production through the roof and land you more jobs.

We’ve Built Our Reputation
by Protecting Yours

Our machines are designed on these three principles:


Built to be 

Budgets are busted on projects when machines break and you’re left standing
around. Not with Clemco Portable Blast Machines. Our machines are
manufactured to last over time, save you money, and keep you working.


to Operate

Efficiency is our game and keeping your crew productive is our goal. We build
machines that are easy to learn and use, eliminating wasted time.



We’ve been a household name in the blasting industry for over 75 years.
We’ve earned your trust and stand by our machines to work for you time and
time again.

We Set the Industry Standard
in Blasting


Interested in learning more about the
features of our blast machines?


We Wrote the Book
on Blasting

It’s funny, but it’s true. We wrote the
book on abrasive blasting that has
been used to shape our industry.
Since 1941 we’ve been designing
and building high-quality blast
machines, serving contractors
working in shipyards, infrastructure,
energy production, and every
industry in between.

The Plan on How to Throw Your Production
Through the Roof



Fill out a form and our team will connect you with a distributor
who can best serve your needs.


We’ll get you the

You’ll work with our distributors to find the right machine
for your business.


Get jobs DONE on

You’ll have everything you need to keep your crew
working and grow your profits with our reliable and
easy-to-use blast machines.

Poor Performance on Your Blast
Machines Isn’t Normal

Productivity on the job is everything. “Save money, save time, and keep working”
are words you live by, which is why Clemco wrote
3 Tips for Avoiding Poor Blast Machine Performance.
Download a free copy of the eBook today
and learn how to eliminate downtime from your job site.

eBook: 3 Tips for Avoiding Poor Blast Machine Performance

Your Reputation Doesn’t Have to Suffer

Keeping your crew working is key to landing more jobs and protecting your reputation.
Stop losing time, money, and credibility because of inferior equipment.
Connect with one of our distributors today and let us get you into the right portable blast machine so you
can crush your next job.