ZERO Tumble Cabinets

ZERO specializes in hand cabinets and engineered semi-automated and fully-automated blast cabinets used by manufacturers, foundries, machine shops, automotive shops, and plant maintenance shops for cleaning, peening, deburring, deflashing, etching, and finishing.

Tumble Cabinets

For high-production blasting on heavy parts and large batches up to 800 lbs. The standard tumble belt cabinet includes up to six ZERO automatic blast guns that can be positioned to suit the part load. An optional pressure blast system can dramatically reduce cleaning times or increase peening intensities.

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BNP 160 Tumble Basket Blast Cabinet
DCM 161 Tumble Basket
Tumble Barrel Cabinets 162, 164, 166
Tumble Basket
Tumble Belt Cabinets
4-Gallon Tumble-Basket Blast Cabinet

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