Spotlight: 28502

Application: Surface Preparation

Industry: Service (Metal Plating)

Processed Parts: M-16 Receivers, Aluminum Hand Gun Frames

Project Goal: Blast OD of Various Gun Parts

Equipment Solution: Modified A205-3 Blast Cabinet System with (2) Stations and Rubber Curtains

Part Handling: Indexing Turntable

Production Rate: 60 Parts Per Hour

Original Processing Method: New Process


Blast System: Suction

Cabinet Size/Type: 88″ (H) x 60″ (W) x 60″ (D) Work Chamber

Media Used: 220 Mesh Aluminum Oxide

Number of Nozzles: 10 (5 per station)

Nozzle Type: #6 Boron Carbide Wide Spray

Recovery System: 1800 com Rubber Lined Cyclone Separator

Dust Collector: 1800 com Reverse-Pulse RPH-4L

Special Equipment: Vertical Oscillator, PLC/HMI Controls