Engineered Automation for Blast Cabinets

Click the images below to learn more about automated cabinets that Clemco has custom engineered and to get ideas about how Clemco can build automated cabinets to fit your needs.

High Production Bicarb Blast Cabinet with Clear View Technology used for Stripping Aerospace Components.

Aerospace Cleaning

Machine cleans aircraft parts and landing gear using sodium bicarbonate in a multi-shift production facility.

Automated Abrasive Blast System used for Automotive Parts to Prepare for Bonding.

Automotive Bonding

Machine blast cleans catalytic converters and mufflers with 100-mesh ALOX to prepare the parts for bonding.

Automated Abrasive Blasting System with Indexing Turntable used for Automotive Parts.

Automotive Parts Cleaning

Machine cleans various remanufactured automative parts using glass bead and an indexing turntable.

Featured Video: Preparation for Bonding

Blast and Spray Indexing Turntable

Blast cleans and adhesive sprays valve bodies with an indexing turntable cabinet system with 32 satellites.

Cleaning Crane and Roller

Blast cleans overhead crane and roller components for the aviation industry with sodium bicarbonate media.

Cleaning Pipe

Cleans various size OD pipe with 16-mesh ALOX in a 6 ft x 6 ft automated cabinet with pass-through vestibules.

Cleaning Radioactive Parts

Uses ALOX, garnet, or steel grit in a BNP 3.5T Tumble Belt Cabinet system to clean parts with radioactive particles.

Cleaning Rubber Molds

Cleans rubber molds in a modified BNP-7212 Pressure Blast Cabinet system with a 60” powered turntable.

Continuous Turntable Blast System

Cleans titanium aircraft turbine blades in a continuous turntable blast cabinet system with 6” wide parts tray.

Deburring Bone Implant Parts

Deburrs bone implants using ceramic bead in a modified Pulsar 55 Suction Ergonomic Blast Cabinet.

Deburring Stators

Zinc shot in an A-205 Blast Cabinet.  Screw conveyor recovery with bucket elevator. 30” indexing turntable.

Descaling and Peening

Blasts tool components in a custom-size, dual-enclosure blast system. Rubber curtains, sump liners, and more.

Drill Bit Cleaning

A modified BNP-6012 Pressure Blast Cabinet blast cleans drill bits with S-110 steel shot. Oil and gas industry.

Peening and Surface Texturing

Machine removes surface roughness and compact micro cracks on various steel parts. Has a 32” x 32” footprint.

Preparation for Bonding

Blast specific sections of flexible pipe joints with a modified BNP Double 220 Suction Blast Cabinet.

Shot Peening Bore Drill Pipe

Shot peens the ID and OD of threaded pipe using steel shot in a modified Pulsar IX Blast Cabinet.

Shot Peening Propeller Blades

Shot peens a specified area of propeller blades with SS cut wire 62 in an 8 ft x 3 ft x 4 ft cabinet system.

Spot Blasting with Starch Media

Spot blasting B-2 Bombers reduces maintenance time by eliminating hand sanding. Two-operator system.

Surface Preparation Composite Parts

Blast cleans aerospace composite parts with ALOX in a modified BNP-7212 Pressure Blast Cabinet.

Automated Abrasive Blasting System with Indexing Turntable used for Hand Gun Frames

Surface Preparation Hand Gun Frames

Surface preps M-16 receivers and aluminum hand gun frames in a two-station cabinet with rubber curtains.

ZERO® Automated Industrial Abrasive Blast System

Surface Preparation Wheels

Automated 9 ft x 6 ft x 6 ft cabinet cleans heavy-equipment wheels to prepare them before seal is applied.

Tube Cleaning

Blasts the ID of steel stator tube with a PLC-controlled, powered-lance system with dual-catch cabinets.