Pool Pal: 1-cuft Blast Machine

The Aerolyte Pool Pal is a field-portable, light- to medium-duty blast machine ideal for the pool contractor for cleaning pool tile and other surfaces. Built to suit the busy contractor’s needs: a one-cubic-foot model, 1042PP comes with a 1/8-inch orifice blast nozzle, which consumes as little as 17 cfm (cubic feet per minute) of compressed air. The Pool Pal is designed for all types of lightweight, fine-mesh media, making it suitable for other blast jobs where lightweight, fine-mesh media or abrasives are used.

Model 1042PP is a 10-inch diameter pressure vessel (rated 125 psi working pressure), which holds one cubic foot of media. A 1/8-inch nozzle consumes 17 cfm of air at 80 psig. Approximately one cubic foot of media provides 30 minutes of non-stop blasting before refill. Its sleek shape makes it easy to move around and fill with media.

The basic model includes OSHA required remote controls, a lightweight fine-mesh media metering valve, and an air filter/moisture separator. When purchased as a Pool Pal Package, coupled 1/2-inch ID blast hose, 1/8-inch orifice nozzle, a wetblast attachment, and blast machine screen and cover are also included.


On the job safety is a concern for every conscientious contractor. Pool Pal machines feature OSHA-required remote controls that allow the blaster to start and stop blasting at the nozzle. If he should drop or otherwise lose control of the nozzle, blasting automatically stops.


Efficient use of media and compressed air save time and money. The Pool Pal’s metering valve can be precisely adjusted ensuring optimum air/media mix. Full-flow, non-restrictive fittings reduce waste of compressed air. The wetblast attachment supplied with Pool Pal packages suppresses blast dust and improve visibility.


One-man portable for easy transport to and around the job site.


Can be used for other blast applications with most common fine-mesh lightweight media.

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