Work Smarter. Not Harder.

You and your blasting crew are professionals. You know that after the blasting is done,
one task remains: Removing spent abrasive for disposal or recycling.
And when removal or recycling takes too long—it eats away your time and profits.

Munkebo Portable Abrasive Vacuum and Recycling
Systems efficiently remove and recycle spent abrasive,
are low-maintenance, and help you increase productivity.

We’ve Built Our Reputation
by Protecting Yours

Our equipment is designed on these four principles:

Two Munkebo Portable Vacuum and Recycling Tower Systems by Clemco

Built to be 

Munkebo equipment goes where you need it. It is easy to transport,
load, unload, set up and break down—even at job sites with
difficult access or inconveniently located power and air supplies.

CASE STUDY: Water (and media) Under the Bridge


Your job site has limited space? Munkebo equipment’s small footprint
and flexible, modular design enable you to use, or not use, system
components as needed and to rearrange system configurations to
fit the space restrictions of your work area.

CASE STUDY: Contractor Purchases Nearly 30 Tower Systems Over 30 Years—All Still in Use


Our ultra-efficient systems generate low noise and dust emissions,
and are designed with numerous safety features that promote
system durability and safe operation.

CASE STUDY: Mission Impossible—Kangaroo Valley. (Starring Munkebo—Not Tom Cruise.)

to Operate

Keeping your crew productive is your business and ours, which is why we build
equipment that is easy to learn and use, eliminating wasted time. Connect your
Munkebo equipment to air and power supplies—and it’s ready to go.

CASE STUDY: Media Recycling Costs Dive!—At a Dry Dock for Nuclear Submarines

We Set the Industry Standard in
Portable Vacuum and Recycling Systems

For a half-century, Munkebo portable abrasive vacuum and
recycling systems have
 helped abrasive blasting crews throughout the world
stay under budget, increase profits, and win more jobs.

Munkebo equipment can be found in Australian mines, Japanese nuclear
power plants and 
Norwegian shipyards, as well as on Saudi Arabian
oil fields, 
bridges in Scotland and North Atlantic oil rigs.

Low Maintenance and Reliable Recovery Systems

Our equipment will age better than you.

Our business is not based on replacement parts sales—it is based on manufacturing durable
equipment that lasts over time. All steel construction, along with rugged hoses and components,
are all designed for low wear, infrequent replacement of parts, and little routine maintenance.

Portable Vacuum Systems

When you need to recover media for disposal or offsite recycling.

  • All systems include a vacuum unit with an integrated cyclone separator that is equipped with one or more filter cartridges, depending on the model. Systems also include a storage hopper, hose clamps, a suction nozzle, and all necessary hoses.
  • Depending on the model, vacuum systems can be placed 100 ft to 1,150 ft from the recovery location.
  • Systems can recover expendable minerals, slag, glass, garnet, and steel media.
  • A second, stand-alone cyclone separator is recommended for mineral or slag recovery.
  • Equally efficient for dust removal. Keep work surfaces dust free during a job.

Portable Vacuum and
Recycling Systems

When you need to recover and clean your media for reuse.

  • All systems include a vacuum unit with an integrated cyclone separator that is equipped with with one or more filter cartridges, depending on the model. Systems also include a storage hopper, hose clamps, a suction nozzle, and all necessary hoses.
  • In addition, systems include a a cleaning unit with a drum cleaner and air washer, and a second cyclone separator comes standard.
  • Recycling systems can continuously recover, clean, and recycle enough media to keep four standard-size blast machines running.
  • For high-volume jobs, two small-footprint, tower systems are offered.
  • Tower system components are housed in stackable, 10 ft x 10 ft cube container frames. These closed-circuit systems also are weatherproofed—snow and rain resistant.

The Plan on How to Throw Your Production
Through the Roof

Munkebo Portable Abrasive Vacuum System by Clemco


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