This page contains brochures, technical data sheets, and other literature about Clemco abrasive blasting equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE), and accessories. Search the categories below to find literature about Clemco products that you own or are interested in purchasing.


Apollo HP Resirators and Flow Control Devices

Apollo LP (Low Pressure) Respirators and Ambient Air Pumps

Apollo Operator Safety Accessories

Blast Hose

Blast Machine Accessories

Blast Machines

Blast Rooms / Recovery Systems and Dust Collection

   21277 – AEROLYTE Dry Stripping Booth

   25323 – Belt Conveyor Recovery Systems

   25324 – CDF Dust Collectors

   24681 – CMAP: Clemco Maintenance Audit Program

   09292 – Industrial Facility Planning Guide

   28879 – Industrial Facility Planning Guide (En Español)

   29082 – PDQ Blast Rooms

   29090 – PDQ Blast Rooms (En Español)

   22345 – Pre-Assembled Blast Rooms

   22663 – Request for Quote (RFQ): Blast Room Equipment

   09315 – Sweep-in Recovery Systems

   22908 – Sweep-in Recovery Systems (En Español)

Cabinet Accessories


Cabinets—Pressure Blast

Cabinets—Suction Blast



Couplings and Nozzle Holders

Dry Stripping, Non-Aggressive Media

General References—Blast Off 2 and Safety Booklets


Special Application Equipment: Wetblast Accessories

Special Application: Blasting Pipe Interiors

Special Application: Blasting with Non-Aggressive Media

Special Application: Closed-Circuit Blast and Recovery

Special Application: Painting Pipe Interiors

Special Application: Small Jobs and Touch-up Work

Special Application: Vacuum Abrasive Recovery System