The One Piece of Equipment for All of Your Blasting Jobs—Wet and Dry

You take on many different types of jobs. You could be blasting in a populated area that requires wetblasting because dust suppression is a must, or blasting in an open area where you need the benefits of dry blasting for maximum productivity. You have to be ready for either one. But managing multiple pieces of specialized equipment costs you money and valuable storage space—not to mention that one of your systems will always be sitting idle and not making you money. Clemco’s Wetblast FLEX is ready for any job, wet or dry blast, ensuring your equipment is always in the field keeping your crew productive and your business profitable.

Clemco's Wetblast FLEX

Abrasive blasting (formerly known as sandblasting) also is called grit blasting, bead blasting, media blasting, soda blasting, dry blasting, sponge blasting, shot blasting, and shot peening. However, sand should never be used when abrasive blasting because breathing abrasive containing crystalline (free) silica can lead to serious or fatal lung disease.