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Sweep-In Recovery Saves Money Compared to Open-Air Blasting

Open-air blasting is going the way of the dinosaur, dragging expendable abrasive down into the tar pits as well.  Investing in a blast room and switching to recyclable abrasives saves time and money, but only when you have an efficient way to recover the abrasive.

Clemco Sweep-In Recovery systems are available with a choice of several different technologies that are well-suited to the variety of recyclable abrasives commonly used. A couple pieces of literature explain the features and benefits of pneumatic recovery (M-Section® systems), and mechanical systems, such as our new belt conveyor systems, screw conveyors, hopper systems.

A sweep-in system allows you to add media recovery to an older blast room, convert almost any enclosure into a blast room, or build a blast facility from the ground up.

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