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Options Plus Program Adds Features to Standard ZERO and Aerolyte Cabinets

For blasting and peening applications, where a stock blast cabinet just won’t do, the Options Plus program for ZERO and Aerolyte cabinets lets customers add special features to standard units.

We can adapt special features to fit a standard BNP, Pulsar or Aerolyte model.  Typical Options Plus modifications include HEPA filters, special electrical controls, unique doors, time-delayed door interlocks, additional blast nozzles, parts fixtures, and work handling interfaces.

The BNP 720 blast cabinet can have a special vertical-lift manual door, as well a popular 2,000-lb. capacity track and turntable.  The simple, easy-to-operate, counterbalanced door opens fully without interfering with the track or work car.

The Options Plus program allows Clemco to offer faster quotations, better pricing, and shorter delivery times, for such cabinets in contrast to specially engineered cabinets that start as a clean sheet of paper.

And speaking of options, from time to time we have inquiries about field installation of the 2,000-lb. turntable and track extensions. This heavy-duty option requires extensive reinforcement to the cabinet shell and is therefore offered only as a factory-installed option on new cabinets.

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