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Dead-end Lead Becomes Land-mark Sale

“I was discouraged as soon as I pulled up in front of the building,” said the sales representative for Blast Equipment.  The lead he was following brought him to a basement office in a residential neighborhood.

The small painting company had no blast equipment and no blast experience. “I wondered if I would sell them anything,” the sales rep said. He worked with the company to specify the blast equipment and compressors needed for an upcoming project to clean coatings from masonry walls.  The city Housing Authority was preparing to let a contract to remove coatings from the walls inside the emergency exit stairwells of 14- and 25-story apartment buildings.  During fires, the build up of old coatings had proved flammable.

“When I understood what they were bidding on, I was still thinking the sale might be 2 or 3 blast machine systems” he said.

Then the city awarded the contractor, as part of a joint venture, more than 2 million square feet of stairwell walls to clean --- dozens of buildings, each with two stairwells.  Suddenly, the potential sale jumped to 10 Clemco Contractor Blast Machine systems, plus the compressors, air dryers, air hoses, and accessories to keep everything running on schedule.

And they ordered all of the quoted equipment. The salesman and the Clemco Territory Manager helped train the contractor to set up, operate, and maintain the blast equipment.

“The first problem we ran into was a shortage of blast hose,” he said.  “We planned on enough to go up 25 floors, but we realized when we got on site that stairwells go round and round.  We needed a lot more hose and we needed it in a rush!”  Besides more blast hose, the great distances prompted a rush order for electric remote controls.

To blast inside a stairwell, the door at the top is left open to let air in.  A structure built around the bottom door connects it to a huge dust collector, which pulls the air down the stairwell and out.

People blast on two levels in the 14-story buildings and on three levels in the 25-story buildings.  After each day of blasting, the workers vacuum the dust and media and an inspector checks everything before the crew moves to the next sections.

Thanks to a little luck and a lot of follow-up, the salesman turned a seemingly dead end lead into a sale and gained a loyal customer.

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