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Corporate Profile

Clemco Industries Corp. Blk

Clemco Industries Corp. and its global affiliates in North America, Europe, and Asia have built industrial-quality abrasive blast equipment and surface finishing systems for more than 50 years in service to a wide range of industries from aerospace and automotive, to manufacturing and military.  Our experience includes engineering and manufacturing ASME-code pressure vessels, sophisticated automated industrial blast systems, industrial dry-stripping facilities for military cargo and fighter aircraft, and designing and fabricating NIOSH-approved supplied-air respirators. 
We have grown our business by responding to market demands and customer needs through the application of our engineering expertise to solve problems for single customers or for entire industries. We carefully study problems and engineer solutions in the form of custom fabrications or standard products. Our corporate mission and marketing philosophy have been built around our concerns for the safety of our employees and customers alike.
For the past three years, Clemco has worked with several key companies in the explosives industry and partnered with outside experts to acquire the requisite knowledge and experience to manufacture quality explosive protection equipment. This includes shields, barricades, chimneys, and associated air-treatment systems to protect employees, facilities, and communities.
The combination of our value engineering, quality manufacturing, and safety philosophy uniquely position Clemco to address the needs of industry for fabrications built to protect workers and facilities involved in explosives manufacturing. Clemco has invested several years gaining knowledge and applying engineering expertise to develop product for the industry on a custom basis.
Encouraged by our experience and motivated by the need to reduce exposure risk to the employee and the public, Clemco offers a high-quality, knowledge-based approach to the demands of the explosives industry and anticipates serving the entire market with specialized products tailored to economically and efficiently improve work flow and worker safety throughout the world.

Clemco’s quality management system is ISO 9001-2000 certified.